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Bring the thrill of your favorite sports to life, in your living room or online globally, in the continuation of the Wii Sports™ series!

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Take the competition online, rise through the ranks, and earn in-game rewards. Strive to reach the Pro League in every sport!

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Create your Sportsmate

Your Sportsmate is your avatar in Spocco Square, a sprawling complex where all the sports matches are held. Customize your Sportsmate’s appearance and add wild accessories to capture your unique style. You can even use your Mii™ character! Earn more items by playing online in random matchmaking to change your look over time.

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    A woman swinging a Joy-Con controller while playing; a man watching with a smile.Blue Joy-Con controller inserted in Leg-Strap accessory.Blue Joy-Con controller inserted in Leg-Strap accessory.

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    View all six sports on the site and you can earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points***.